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Archive on National Biotech Policy and Two (Dec 28,  '06 and April  6,  '07) Workshops



Inception workshop on Strengthening Legal Framework for  Biotech.
Dhaka 19th March, ’09.  Chaired by Executive Chairman, BARC, a whole day long  inception workshop on Strengthening the Legal Framework for Biotechnology was held  in the Spectra convention Center. Gulshan. Mr. CQK Mustaq Ahmad the Secretary, the Ministry of Agriculture graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.. Besides,  FAO representative in Bangladesh, Mr Ad Spijkers three experts, namely, Ms Ambre Gobena representing the FAO Legal Office at Rome, Ms Ama Fowa Afful, (IPR Consultant), Mr. Obijiofor Vitalis Aginam (Sanitary, and Phytosanitary  Consultant)  and Ms Jacqueline Jung (Food Law Consultant) spoke on the occasion explaining the scope of the workshop, the first of its kind in  a series of such events.  Professor L. Siddiqui at Dhaka University spoke on the Existing Legal Framework in Bangladesh


Future Course of Action before BB  both from Home and Abroad

Dhaka 9th March,’09. There has been a lot enthusiasm mostly among young biotechnologists to take advantage of the regime change but there has not been much headway in this direction.  Some of us are under the impression that our submission of recommendations to the MoSICT will have no dent in the present government because it is not headed by a full cabinet minister. Although it’s a valid point but not the sole criterion of getting sympathetic consideration. Earlier, as most of us know Dr. Moin Khan who was not only a full cabinet Minister but an influential one. Unfortunately, instead of supporting the cause of biotechnology, he stood in its way of advancement. More ..


 BAS-USDA Collaborative Research: National Workshop on Res. Prioritization

 Dhaka the 13th March, ’09.This morning witnesses the commencement of 2-day National Workshop on Research Prioritization  in Agricultural and Life Sciences based on Bangladesh Academy of Sciences-USDA Collaborative Research Endeavor. The National Emeritus Scientist and BAS Fellow Dr. Kazi M. Badruddoza and the illustrious agriculture scientist, BAS Fellow Dr. Shah Md. Hasan-uz-Zaman will grace the inauguration function as Chief and Special Guest, respectively. In the late morning session in which senior most experts in Crop Sciences, Forestry, Fisheries, Livestock and Life Sciences will speak in their respective Field. Speakers in the area in the descending order are: Dr. MA Razzaque, Mr. Farid U. Ahmed (CEO, Aranyak Foundation. Dr. MA Mazid, Dr. Md Zahagir Alam  and Prof. Haseena Khan. This session was to be presided by Prof. AS Islam. Due to health reasons he could not attend the function; instead he composed a poem to celebrate the occasion outlining the priorities.  More..


 Development of events following the recently concluded symposium
Dhaka, 9th Dec., 08.
Thinking that at east some of you would be interested to know the development of events following the recently concluded
symposium, I am  sharing two  imp. messages: the first is from  Distinguished Prof. Dr. Ananda Chakrabarty and the second from Dr. Abu Siddiqui, (a Sr. Res. Scientist at Johnson & Johnson Pennsylvania), who is not only an expert in some of the fields discussed in the symposium but has offered his help in teaching these courses every year during his visit to BD.

Prof. Ananda says that we need to have a dedicated and powerful political leader of the stature of Mrs. Indira Gandhi to take
interest and support our cause to build up and strengthen the industrial and economic base of BD. He regrets that  “no politician has shown this type of interest and dedication to help develop new technologies in BD.” We did have a DU Prof-cum-politician in the Ministry of S&T. Unfortunately, he failed miserably because he was not dedicated and his interest in S&T was diluted and divided between the scientific progress of the country and his own personal agenda. May I appeal to GNOBB members to suggest modus operandi as to how BAS may be persuaded to  “actively work to elect only those politicians who have made firm commitments to promote S&T in  BD.” More....


Have we reached a Point of No Return from Reaching Our Goal toward Development of S&T?

Dhaka 6th Dec, 08 When there was an unexpected turnout of both non-resident Bangladeshis and local biotechnologists in the April 2007 International Biotech Conference held at ICDDR,B, our hope  as rekindled thinking this time the bureaucrats would consider the recommendations prepared by  the panel of experts selected from the participants.  Based on the consensus, the panel critically  evaluated the National Biotech Policy and made its recommendations to bring the BD National Biotech policy in line with those followed in developed and advanced developing countries. The document was submitted individually to the advisers of four Ministries: S&T, Agriculture, health and forestry.


As you may recall one of the major recommendations was the creation of the National Commission  of Biotechnology  (NCBT) with full autonomy under the PM’s Secretariat and establishment of  Public-Private partnership in order to provide adequate salaries to highly qualified NRB’s to the posts of the Director of the National Institute of Biotechnology, Heads and Principal Scientific Officers of six divisions and sufficient funding allowing researchers to carry out the approved projects uninterrupted and  without hindrance.  Pl sacrifice a few moments of your valuable time in this sacred month of pilgrimage which demands our sacrifice which may spend  in suggesting ways and means to transform the NIB into a dynamic vibrant institute so that its quality of its research and the fruits of the results emanating from it reach the common man through commercialization. Pl. click here to read more


International Symposium on Regulatory and Safety issues in Commercialization of Biotech Research in Developing Countries